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Spend less time worrying about your diet and more time enjoying your life!


We will create a custom nutrition plan for you based on your unique genetics, biochemistry, health history, preferences, and goals.

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“Someone, just tell me what to eat!!”


sound familiar?

At Nutrome, we understand how frustrating it is to waste your time and money on diets that don’t work.

That’s why we created the Wellness Blueprint, designed to streamline your dietary strategy and transform your health.

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What is a Wellness Blueprint?

Your Wellness Blueprint is unique to you. It is your personal roadmap to better health. Diets come and go. Holidays, vacations, events, celebrations, and hardships are bound to occur. You won’t always stick to your plan, but no matter what life brings, your plan - your Blueprint - will always be there to lead you back to that place where you feel your best.



There are thousands of diet plans out there, but only one you!



We create an individualized experience by curating recipes, meal plans, and lifestyle recommendations based on your unique genetics, biochemistry, health history, preferences, and goals.

We use the power of nutrigenomics to deliver precision nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.


Nutrigenomics is the science of analyzing your genes and biochemistry to determine your ideal eating pattern. With nutrigenomics, you no longer have to guess what you should be eating and hope that it works. You can finally be confident in your food choices and know that they will help you achieve your goals!

Your Nutritionist & Wellness Guide

Alex Bear, MS, CNS

Compassionate board-certified nutrition specialist and wellness coach with 10+ years of experience helping diverse populations achieve nutrition, exercise, and stress management goals.

Alex began studying nutrigenomics during graduate nutrition school and landed an internship with the Nutritional Genomics Institute after attending a professional nutritional genetics conference. He now teaches a graduate-level nutritional genetics course in addition to providing precision nutrition counseling and health coaching services for Nutrome.

He understands how challenging it is to figure out what to eat to feel your best, let alone finding the time and energy to put a new food plan into practice. His mission is to empower you in developing the knowledge and skills needed to live your dreams!

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“Before working with Nutrome I was eating the same foods every day and felt terrible. I was excited to try their nutrition plan because it was easy to follow, not restrictive, and personalized to my genetics. A month ago when I hit 3 personal records at Crossfit in the same week I knew that I had found the perfect nutrition plan! Thank you for taking the time to work with me in terms of nutrition and lifestyle changes.”

-Jenna C

“I had a GI reaction to an antibiotic that put me out for a while. I felt frustrated that I didn’t have the energy to do most things I enjoyed like gardening. After following Nutrome’s personalized gut healing protocol for a few months, I’m gaining weight back, have less pain, am sleeping better, and have a lot more energy. I’ve been able to get back gardening and other things I enjoy.”

-Jabari L

“Alex has been a wonderful asset on my nutrition journey. He's provided me with a DNA based outline of the diet I need to succeed. Not only have I lost weight, but more importantly I look and feel much much better than I did before working this program. Plus he gave me a bunch of tasty and nutritious recipes that I've been trying out since I started. I recommend him for anyone looking to improve their diet long term!”

-Adam S

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Unlike most diets that are restrictive and rely on willpower, the Wellness Blueprint encourages nourishing lifestyle shifts that promote self-respect, flexibility, and long-term success.

Your Success Plan

1) Schedule a free consultation

A compassionate certified nutrition specialist will listen to your goals and help you begin mapping out a plan for success.

2) Start your wellness plan

Your Wellness Blueprint will be delivered and provide detailed recommendations on how to achieve your health & wellness goals.

3) Get results!

Follow your the nutrition and lifestyle recommendations provided to achieve and sustain the results you’ve always dreamed of!

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Don’t waste another moment researching, experimenting, and burning out on diets. Start eating what your body needs to thrive.


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