Community Guidelines

At Nutrome, we encourage you to ask questions, share your challenges, your successes, and feel at home! We are here to help, and we work towards fostering a community of individuals who feel comfortable enough to share with and learn from one another. Creating an environment in which everyone can feel relaxed enough to be their authentic selves does require some intention. We have therefore listed some suggestions below to help create such an environment.


  •  Be honest - We all come from different backgrounds and have had unique life experiences. Even if you just burnt the water you were boiling, that is okay! Honesty fosters a supportive learning environment.
  • Be understanding - Encourage your peers rather than bringing them down. We have all had bad days. A little compassion can really turn someone's day around.
  • Be inclusive - We are all here to learn and grow. We may come from different backgrounds and have different learning styles. That is okay :-).
  • Be mindful - It is possible that others may not agree with you nor you with them. Or, that they may not wish to communicate with you. It's important to respect other's personal space even in online environments.
  • Be concise - Before posting, take a moment to refine your thoughts and create a clear question. Your peers and/or moderators will then be able to best answer your question.
  • Stay on topic - We are here to learn to meal prep and about related nutrition topics. Please keep posts relevant to these topics.


At Nutrome, we do not tolerate harassment, threats, insulting language, sexual or violent language or imagery, or solicitation. Members who violate these policies will be asked to discontinue violating these policies. Offensive or threatening posts may be removed. After a maximum of three instances of violation, a member will be removed without refund or eligibility to become a member in the future. We maintain the right to determine the consequences of any issue at our discretion and are under no obligation to share our findings or determinations beyond the individual involved.


We're Glad You're Here

No person is perfect, no community is perfect, and no guidelines are perfect. As we grow, learn, and change together, these community guidelines must also evolve so that we can continue to make the Nutrome community a safe and inclusive space that is mindful and considerate of all experiences. As a community, we’re thankful for our members embracing this process with us.